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17 Balfour St., Jerusalem 9210224, Israel
tel: (972)-2-6734913       fax: (972)-2-6734859
email: makor@optimization.co.il
web: www.optimization.co.il

About Us


Makor Issues and Rights Ltd. was established in 1964 and it was originally owned by Bank Leumi, the largest bank in Israel. Its main activity was in the field of financing and real-estate development.

In 1971 the company's control was transferred to a group of investors and subsequently all the commercial shares were withdrawn from the TASE market. Since then, Makor has switched the bulk of its activity to real estate development in Jerusalem.

In 1991, Makor has successfully entered into the field of High - Tech Developments and became a High-Tech Company with a particular emphasis on the real-time optimization software development.

We regard our intellectual property as critical to Makor's success. As of May, 2019, Makor was awarded with a total of 15 US patents (with 6 more applications US patent-pending) and a number of patents issued worldwide.