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Innovative Software

Makor has developed a number of innovative software applications - both web-based and stand-alone.
  • Real-Time Reservations
  • Patent-Management.net
  • Clinical Trial Management Software
  • Real-Time Reservations

    Another Makor Company development is an application for hotel booking. Now even small resorts can take advantage of a powerful automated online booking system designed for the Internet. Reservations are made on-line and in real time. Your guests have the advantage of knowing if you can accommodate them immediately, without wasting valuable staff time and efforts for confirmations. All you have to do is check your email every morning to see how many of them have registered the day before. Real-Time Reservations is fully automatic and completely secure.


    Patent-Management.net is a comprehensive online patent management software system designed to address the professional and clerical needs of IP professionals. Patent-Management.net is developed to reduce the paper and mail processing required for the efficient patent management. Patent-Management.net system is a browser based IP management system using a MS SQL Server database manipulated by web pages and capable of handling large amounts of data consistent with multiple high-volume cases.

    Clinical Trial Management Software

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