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Financial Applications and Investments

Makor initiated its financial services work in the year 2001.

During the years 2001-2010, the company has been engaged in extensive financial-field R&D with Makor's particular emphasis being made on the following fields:

    Machine learning automatic order transmission system

    US Patent 7,739,182 has been issued by USPTO on 06/15/2010 for the system.

  1. Machine learning automatic order transmission system for sending self-optimized trading signals (US patent registered). It is a Multi-Channel Machine Learning system for automated simultaneous transmission of a number of Buy/Sell orders generated according to differently self-optimized trading parameters for each independent trading strategy. Perpetual real-time optimization (or self-optimization) of trading parameters adds Machine Learning feature to the invention and it is done independently for each trading strategy.

    Centralized electronic currency trading exchange

  2. Electronic trading platform development for facilitation of centralized electronic currency trading exchange (US patent pending).
    It creates a centralized electronic marketplace for currency trading in which a multilateral trade settlement server automatically facilitates foreign exchange currency transactions by matching buy and sell orders by comparing Bid and Ask prices for a plurality of currency pairs, and where trades registration, clearing and settlement are centrally performed. The system further provides a method of presentation of foreign exchange currency buy/sell orders and executed trades data displayed by means of graphical user interfaces for showing buy/sell orders prices for all price levels and executed trades prices and volumes.

  3. Sophisticated strategies development for Forex and equities investments

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