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Emergency Room (ER) Resources Optimization


Makor has developed a novel system (US Patent Pending) multi-hospital real-time automated optimal emergency room (ER) resources management system for the optimized ER personnel and equipment resources management considering a variety of relevant factors to create an optimal ER management order. In emergency room, there are usually a large number of patients waiting for the medical attention. Several of those patients require more urgent attention than the others, therefore each patient must be prioritorized for receiving certain types of medical attention.

From the other hand, there is a limited number of medical resources available in an emergency room, such resources include human personnel resources and equipment resources. Those resources include, for example, particular equipment for special kinds of treatment, the attending doctors who may be specialized on particular kinds of treatment, qualified nurses, necessary instruments, medication and diagnostic devices.

The Central Emergency Service (CES) feature was developed for optimally managing several hospital emergency rooms in one common geographical area (such as city, county, or a state). In CES, there will be one central computer server that will obtain data from all individual hospitals computer servers, analyze such a data, determine in which hospital the current patient waiting time is the shortest and produce an optimized plan as to which hospital to send each new patient.

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