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Novel Wind Turbine for All Wind Conditions


Wind power is considered one of the cleanest energy sources presently available, and wind turbines have gained increased attention in this regard. The wind turbine industry is growing at an incredible rate. To meet this demand, there is a strong need for innovative wind turbines to be developed.

Makor is currently working on a novel wind turbine design (US Patent Pending) with an intention of having a wind turbine generating electrical power in all wind conditions, having constant power output and without energy contribution other than wind energy to start its rotation.



- Maximal power output in all winds. /b> Currently, at very high rotor speeds, the power has turned negative. Therefore, and to avoid crashing of blades, commercially available wind turbines are stopped for high wind speed.

In our novel wind turbine electric energy is generated in all wind conditions

- Dual-Purpose.

- Birds protection. /b> The impact of wind turbine on birds, which can fly into turbines directly, or indirectly have their habitats degraded by wind development is estimated to be in hundreds of thousands of birds per year. The wind turbine further includes a system for repelling birds away from the wind turbine, the system comprising wrapping flashing LED wiring lengthwise and crosswise the wind turbine blades.

- Using minimal land area & easier transportation comparing with regular wind turbines on tower taking large land areas. The turbine can be installed almost anywhere, including relatively small areas.



- Makor invites companies, which are interested to collaborate in developing a prototype of the novel wind turbine according to our IP, to become our strategic partner.



- Please contact us to receive further details in our White Paper.